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Coming soon: Meeple Force!

We’ve recently been chatting to old buddy Jon from Wartorn Games, who we know from the days when we were all retail managers in London for Games Workshop. We bumped into Jon at Salute back in April, where he was running demos of a game that’s going to be hitting Kickstarter towards the end of this month: Meeple Force! We were immediately intrigued. It looked like a right laugh, a dexterity-based battle game with chunky pieces and gloriously retro artwork. Even if it hadn’t been designed by someone we knew, we’d have been interested – as it was, we were dead keen to help Jon spread the word, and we soon arranged for him to come and run us a demo here at the office.

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Newbury & Hobbes: The Plot Thickens...

A while ago, we announced that we’re working on Newbury & Hobbes: The Curse of Menamhotep with talented author George Mann. For anyone who missed it, the game is based on George’s long-running series, The Newbury & Hobbes Investigations, but unlike a lot of the licensed games we’ve created in the past it will be a brand new chapter in the series! We’ve been working on the story with George, crafting something that works as a game in its own right but also ties into both his existing novels and the ones he’s planning for the future of the series. Working directly with an author on a game that’s set in their IP is a bit of a dream, and we’re having great fun with it!

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An Introduction to Tabletop Game Design: Round 2!

Hey readers!

We’ve been busier than ever these past few months - to the point that we never had a chance to post up a retrospective of the Introduction to Tabletop Game Design courses that we ran from May to July! In short, they were a massive success. Each course sold out, and was an absolute pleasure to run. We had attendees from all over the UK, and even one who came all the way from France for all three - talk about dedication!

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Needy Cat Newsletter Relaunch!

You may or may not have noticed that we have relaunched our Needy Cat Newsletter. We realised that we had SO MUCH STUFF to talk to you all about and we were struggling to get it all out through our social media channels. So, the obvious solution was to relaunch our newsletter and celebrate it with a giveaway!

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What a weekend!

We've just got back from a week off - and dear me, we needed it! That said, it was only sort of a week off because although we weren't doing any client work, we were busy putting the final touches on the first Introduction to Tabletop Game Design course, which happened on Saturday. And guess what? It was a roaring success!

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Design Diary: Finishing Touches

Hellboy: The Board Game has been in solid development for around seven months now, and it feels like even longer than that. It's lasted over half of Needy Cat Games' lifespan! (Oh, we had our first birthday last week - I meant to do a blog post about it, but we've been too busy...) There's still loads more Hellboy in the pipeline, but I'm proud to say that the rulebook for the main game is about to go into layout…

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Hellboy Week: Fun with Budgets (Honest)

One of the benefits of the B.P.R.D. being a well-funded shadowy government organisation is that the gang are rarely short on resources – the flipside, of course, is that you have to stay within parameters. This is represented by the Mission Budget, which the players can spend before the Case. This budget scales depending on the number of agents, and is one of the ways in which the game scales for different player counts.

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Hellboy Week: The Deck of Doom

Yesterday, the lovely Rob did a great job of explaining how the HQ board works, and what its various bits are for. One of these was the Impending Doom track, which acts as a kind of timer, ticking down turn by turn until it launches the Confrontation, regardless of whether you're ready for it. A shrewd group of players will investigate their hearts out and uncover the big boss before this happens, but through playtesting I've seen countless cases where the agents took their sweet time, thinking they had ages before things took a turn for the worse. 

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Two Big Steps

Yep, Needy Cat Games is going official. We're at the point where the spare room's getting a bit impractical - I've got several prototypes on the go at once, and I'm running out of room to store them! I spent a couple of weeks exploring various options around Nottingham, from large corporate business centres (too expensive and impersonal!) to desks in converted warehouses full of artists (too shabby and not secure enough!), and ended up throwing in the towel...

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