Newbury & Hobbes:
The Curse of Menamhoep

Newbury & Hobbes Web.png

Needy Cat Games, RELEASE TBA

Needy Cat Games and George Mann are delighted to announce a new joint venture to create and publish a board game based on Mann’s dark, Victorian fantasy novels, The Newbury & Hobbes Investigations.

In the game players will take on the roles of agents-of-the-crown Sir Maurice Newbury, Miss Veronica Hobbes and their associates, as they attempt to protect the Empire from a deadly threat at the hands of the horrifying Cult of Menamhotep. Investigation, murder, occult goings-on and enough thrills to keep you up all night, the game is narrative driven, and will form part of the ongoing Newbury & Hobbes series, with the events of the game having repercussions for the characters in future stories.

The new game follows other recent Newbury & Hobbes projects, such as a comic book series, a new novel and a series of official soundtracks.