Needy Cat Newsletter Relaunch!

You may or may not have noticed that we have relaunched our Needy Cat Newsletter. We realised that we had SO MUCH STUFF to talk to you all about and we were struggling to get it all out through our social media channels. So, the obvious solution was to relaunch our newsletter and celebrate it with a giveaway!

So that’s we did! Inside our new newsletter you will discover the name of the winner of a signed copy of Hellboy the Board Game as well as some great sneak peeks and information about up and coming games we’ve been working on. For example, to find out what that hulking robot below actually is, you’re going to have to read the newsletter. We’ve also hidden a little something else in there as a thank you for reading, so be sure to go through it meticulously!

JPEG Robot.jpg

We recommend signing up to the newsletter to stay on top of all the latest Needy Cat Games news, notifications of new games and all the latest gossip (if that’s what you call sneak peeks and thoughts of game development).

Click the link HERE to view the newsletter. But be sure to SUBSCRIBE to get the next one too!