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An Introduction to Tabletop Game Design: Watch It Now!

When we set up Needy Cat we knew we were going to be designing tabletop games, but we really wanted to do more. One of the things we love about analogue game design is how accessible it is; if you like games, and you want to design one... well, there's not much stopping you. It's not like designing a computer game, where there's a minimum level of technical know-how required, or many other hobbies where you have to spend ages figuring out what you're doing before it starts to feel satisfying. Point is, all it takes to design a tabletop game is the will to do it and, as a minimum, a few scraps of paper.

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Finding Games Episode 1: Annie Norman, Bad Squiddo Games

Presented by Sophie and released once a month, Finding Games is a journey into the weird world of the tabletop games industry. Each month Sophie will interview someone involved in the tabletop games in some kind of professional capacity; we'll hear from game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, manufacturers, distributors and all sorts of others. Each episode will feature a conversation about how that month's guest ended up making games for a living - and some of their journeys might surprise you!

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ART FOR TABLETOP GAMES PART 1: Always seek feedback

Needy Cat Games recently attended the industry week for Confetti - a local, Nottingham based college who specialises in all thing digital, games design, game art etc. We had a fantastic time, got some great feedback on our latest game Ancient Grudges: Bonefields (you can download and give feedback on the Beta rules here) and I gave a series of talks on freelancing as an artist in the tabletop games industry.

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