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Finding Games Episode 5: Rob Burman, Mantic Games

Rob Burman is the social media and online sales manager for Mantic Games, a publisher of board game and miniature games based in Nottingham. He is responsible for marketing a wide variety of tabletop games, from licensed properties such as Hellboy and The Walking Dead, to more niche hobby products, like Kings of War and Deadzone. He also runs Mantic’s Kickstarter projects. After starting as local newspaper reporter, he went on to work in a variety of specialist hobby industries, including videogames, Japanese culture, collectable toys and tabletop games.

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Finding Games Episode 1: Annie Norman, Bad Squiddo Games

Presented by Sophie and released once a month, Finding Games is a journey into the weird world of the tabletop games industry. Each month Sophie will interview someone involved in the tabletop games in some kind of professional capacity; we'll hear from game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, manufacturers, distributors and all sorts of others. Each episode will feature a conversation about how that month's guest ended up making games for a living - and some of their journeys might surprise you!

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