What a weekend!

We've just got back from a week off - and dear me, we needed it! That said, it was only sort of a week off because although we weren't doing any client work, we were busy putting the final touches on the first Introduction to Tabletop Game Design course, which happened on Saturday. And guess what? It was a roaring success!

2019-05-18 13.00.55.jpg

We were a bit nervous going in - we've both got experience running training sessions, and we were talking about stuff that we're passionate about and we've got a deep knowledge of, but this was still a big step for us. This was the first proper Needy Cat Games event - the first thing we've run entirely off our own back - and we wanted it to be just right. But sure enough, all twelve people turned up and - judging by the visible mix of concentration and excitement - had a great time. 

The course - titled "Starting Your Game" - was all about overcoming the barriers that get in the way and stop people from making their own games. We might have laboured a few points (stop thinking, get prototyping!) but the results were clear. By the end of the day, we had a room full of functional prototypes, and a load of people who were very excited about going home and developing them further. From speaking to folks after the event, we know that there were several people there who'd never felt they could make games, and who were delighted to realise that it's not as difficult as they thought! 

If you missed the course, don’t despair! Our buddy Andy Burdis from the awesome Blackjack Legacy YouTube channel came along to film all of the presentations, and as soon as they're edited and uploaded we’ll be putting the whole lot onto our Patreon page for anyone who backs us at the $5 level or above. (We'll put one short segment out on our YouTube page, and Andy will have one on Blackjack Legacy, but the rest will only be available on Patreon). It's not quite the same as being there on the day, but it's pretty close!

Oh - but if you’d rather be there on the day? Good news! We’ve just announced three more dates - yes, we’re running the courses all over again towards the end of the year! You can find full details at our Events page.

Speaking of instructional events, our industry pal Alex Huntley (from Warploque Miniatures) is running his own one this coming weekend, teaching people who to sculpt miniatures. It's at the same venue we used (MinorOak Coworking, here in Nottingham) and there are still some tickets left - you can pick them up here

Honestly, this was such a cool event, and we can’t wait to run it again. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to everyone who supported us - we’ll hopefully see you at the next one!