Finding Games Episode 1: Annie Norman, Bad Squiddo Games

So ever since we launched the Needy Cat Games Patreon page, we’ve been thinking about doing a podcast. We thought it was something for the future, though, so we set a goal at a lofty $50 a month, sniggered into our sleeves and said “Ha! As if we’ll ever reach that much!”


Turns out there are some rather lovely people out there who like what we’re doing, and want to support us in doing more of it - so it’s our great pleasure to announce the launch of Finding Games!

Presented by Sophie and released once a month, Finding Games is a journey into the weird world of the tabletop games industry. Each month Sophie will interview someone involved in the tabletop games in some kind of professional capacity; we'll hear from game designers, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, manufacturers, distributors and all sorts of others. Each episode will feature a conversation about how that month's guest ended up making games for a living - and some of their journeys might surprise you!

The first episode is now live - you can hear it on the player above, and as soon as iTunes reviews our submission and gives us approval, you’ll be able to add it to your favourite podcast software and listen to it at your leisure. In this one Sophie catches up with office buddy Annie Norman from Bad Squiddo Games, and talks about how she accidentally founded a world-renowned miniatures company.


Annie creates and sells an impressive range of believable female miniatures from a variety of historical periods and sci-fi/fantasy settings, as well as other goodies like resin terrain pieces and hobby supplies (tufts aplenty!). You can check out her stuff at!

Bad Swuiddo 1.jpg

If you like the podcast and you’d like to help us make more, you can support its creation at, where our backers get a load of exclusives and goodies (including a special Episode Zero of the podcast, where Sophie interviews James about his own meandering path into games design!

We hope you like it - if you’ve got any comments, questions or other feedback, please let us know in the comments.