Finding Games Episode 2: Matt Jarvis, Tabletop Gaming

We know it hasn’t quite been a month since Episode 1 of the Finding Games podcast went live, but we couldn’t resist releasing this one a week or so early!


This time we managed to get our hands on Matt Jarvis, the mastermind behind the expansion of Tabletop Gaming (the magazine / website / convention, not the hobby itself - although he could probably claim a share of the credit for that as well!). Matt very kindly came to see us up here in Nottingham to talk about a top-secret project, so we seized the opportunity to get him in front of a microphone. In the episode, Sophie and Matt discuss the various publications he’s worked for (or tried to work for) over the years, where his love of tabletop gaming came from and the importance of sheer determination when you’re pursuing a job you want…

Hanging out with Matt was an absolute delight, and he even joined us for the Nottingham Tabletop Industry Social yesterday evening. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this one - please give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

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