Finding Games Episode 4: Jack Caesar, River Horse Games / Caesar Ink

Here we go again! The Finding Games podcast is starting to hit its stride now, and we’ve got a few episodes in the bag - so our schedule is starting to level out. Today, we’ve got Episode 4, where Sophie has a chinwag with local industry buddy Jack Caesar.

As a game designer for River Horse and independently as Cæsar ink, Jack spends much of his time thinking about fun ways to randomly generate numbers, the life cycles of monsters, and why a wizard decided to make a talking sword in the first place.

He can be found designing cool new dungeons on twitch every Monday at 8.00 GMT.

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We’ve been aware of Jack for a few years now, as we’ve generally been in attendance at the same shows and events, but it’s only in the last year or so that we’ve started seeing more of him. Turns out he’s utterly lovely, and prolific to boot! Both of us have been guests on his twitch stream in the past few months, and we’re always glad to see him at our industry networking events. Sophie even copied his haircut for a short while, although she maintains that this was a coincidence…

Anyway, here’s the podcast for your listening pleasure!

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You can find out about Jack’s podcast and streaming on twitter at @cheeeeseboard, or catch his streams at

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