Finding Games Episode 5: Rob Burman, Mantic Games

Whoa, slow down, how are we already nearly a week into September? That must mean it’s time for another episode of Finding Games!

We’ve had this one on file for a little while, and it’s a fun one. Rob’s an utterly lovely chap, always a pleasure to speak to, and we’ve crossed paths with him quite a bit over the years. We first met back when I was Mantic’s Community Manager, and a little while later he grabbed me at UK Games Expo to tell me that he was launching a magazine all about tabletop games. Now, several years later, with the magazine safely in the hands of his successor Matt Jarvis (who we interviewed a couple of episodes ago), Rob’s now the one in charge of facebooking, blogging and online content over at Mantic. And now I’m writing a blog about him.

It’s all come full circle, in other words!

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Rob Burman is the social media and online sales manager for Mantic Games, a publisher of board game and miniature games based in Nottingham. He is responsible for marketing a wide variety of tabletop games, from licensed properties such as Hellboy and The Walking Dead, to more niche hobby products, like Kings of War and Deadzone. He also runs Mantic’s Kickstarter projects. After starting as local newspaper reporter, he went on to work in a variety of specialist hobby industries, including videogames, Japanese culture, collectable toys and tabletop games. He has worked/freelanced for a number of publications, including Nintendo Official Magazine, Xbox 360 Gamer, Cartoon Network, NEO, Collectors Gazette, Diecast Collector, Geeky Monkey and created Tabletop Gaming Magazine in 2015.

Rob (left) shares a moment with a fan

Rob (left) shares a moment with a fan

And here’s the podcast…

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You can follow Rob on Twitter at @RobZilla01, and marvel at his handiwork at the newly relaunched (please excuse any teething issues, it’s been a big switchover).

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