Finding Games Episode 3: Nathan Dowdell, Modiphius

The Finding Games podcast continues its irregular schedule today with the release of Episode 3! In this one, Sophie catches up with our old buddy Nathan Dowdell, RPG writer extraordinaire.

Nathan’s been in the industry for almost a decade, starting out on licensed Warhammer 40,000 games like Black Crusade and Only War before working with the Modiphius on the third edition of Mutant Chronicles. He’s been full-time with Modiphius for a while now as Lead Developer for their 2d20 System, where his work has included the award-winning Star Trek Adventures.


We’ve known Nathan for a long time - since before any of us got into the games industry, in fact! We were all part of the same gaming group back in Reading in the early noughties (a group which also included acclaimed Games Workshop author Andy Clark and our good buddy Si, who now works in Games Workshop’s operations team). Back then we spent a lot of long evenings round at each other’s houses or at the local gaming club, and there was more than one marathon roleplay session that went on into the early hours, but if you’d told us we’d all be where we are now I don’t think we’d have believed you!

Without further ado, here’s the podcast. There’s a little audio hiccup a few minutes in, but hopefully you won’t notice. We’re really good at seamless editing, we are.

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