Oo-er, this is actually happening, isn't it?

This time tomorrow, I'll be getting ready for a good night's sleep before my last day of gainful employment. Yikes! 

It's all good, though. I'm genuinely excited. 

Needy Cat HQ is taking shape, which is encouraging. I've got a desk, a computer, a chair; I've ordered a new keyboard and I'm planning on getting some better bookshelves. I'm slowly shifting unnecessary things out of the office (read: spare room). I've ordered a wall planner. In the following weeks I'm even going to be investigating office space away from home (that seems like a good idea, from a general sanity point-of-view), but that's a secondary concern. I've actually already got a deadline or two for next week, so I'm going to be hitting the ground running! 

In a bit of rather exciting news, I've approached Nottingham Creative Quarter to see if they can offer any support, and they seem really keen. Fingers crossed for funding - there aren't a huge number of startup costs, but there are enough that I wouldn't say no to a little leg-up. 

Today's been a bit strange for one main reason: the NCG twitter account got spotted! Word spread rather quickly (thanks to some lovely shout-outs from some lovely people) and it's already got over a hundred followers. Not bad for an account with three tweets! I'm really looking forward to getting more involved with social media and marketing; it's something I did a lot of for a year, and I really enjoyed it. This whole thing feels like a chance to spread my wings. 

So yeah, exciting times. Two more days in the office (followed by maybe one or two celebratory drinks), a weekend, and then... it begins. I'm away. Finally, after all these years of talking about it. 

Nothing like a leap of faith, right? 

James Hewitt