It begins...

In ten days' time, I will be leaving the office for the last time in my current job. I will be stepping out into the wide world, metaphorical knapsack on my back, taking my first breath of free air. Everything I've written up to now has been on someone's orders. I've always had to march to a drum beat. 

And for a while, that's still going to be the case! 

Long-term, I'd love to publish some board games through Needy Cat (in fact, that's very much the plan), but for now I'm going to be staying fed and watered with freelance work. But all the same, the sense of freedom is palpable! I'm going to be running my own workload, sorting out my budget... I've even made my very own GANTT chart. 

As I say, it's all very exciting. 

I'm lucky enough to have made a lot of contacts in the gaming world, so I've got plenty of work booked in for the next couple of months. Here's hoping I can make enough money that it works!

Fingers, toes, eyes and streams are all crossed. Here we go... 

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