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We want Needy Cat Games to be a real resource for the tabletop games industry. We love designing games, but we also love sharing our skills and knowledge. Need a helping hand? Drop us a line!
— James and Sophie
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Who we Are, What We Do

James M. Hewitt and Sophie Williams are a Nottingham-based duo who have been around tabletop games in a professional capacity for, between them, about 20 years. (Wait, that can't be right, can it...? Oh. Blimey.) 

They both started in Games Workshop retail, working in and running stores in and around London, before taking the plunge and moving to Nottingham to pursue dreams of getting involved in producing games, not just selling them. Guess what? It worked out! 

James ended up working as a Community Manager for Mantic Games, then going on to do full-time game design for Games Workshop. Sophie ran schedules and managed freelance artists for GW's publication studio, and later joined their licensing department. 

In July 2017, they founded Needy Cat Games, realising that they had a combined skill set broad enough to make it on their own. Their long-term goals are to make games under the Needy Cat banner, but for now they're offering a variety of services to other companies in the industry. They're off to a flying start, too - less than a year in, and they've already worked with some big names and kept the schedule crammed! 

We make every effort to be professional in what we do, but we also value the importance of having fun - after all, we make games for a living! If you'd like to work with us on a project, please check out the site. Here's what you'll find: 

Portfolio (to the right) 

A summary of the games we've worked on - we'll be adding more as they're revealed!

Our Services

A guide to what we have to offer. It's far from exhaustive, but it gives a broad overview of our key services. 


Want to get in touch, or find us on social media? Go here!

Design Process

A breakdown of how we design games. 


Interested in helping us test our games? This page will help you apply. 


Keep track of what we're up to, with development diaries, event reports and more. 


James' Recent experience

Specialist Brands WRiter, Games Workshop, Nottingham

An integral part of Games Workshop's resurrected Specialist Brands department, James was responsible for redesigning and redeveloping a range of classic Games Workshop games. He was responsible for 2016's Blood Bowl, 2017's Necromunda: Underhive and the upcoming Adeptus Titanicus

Citadel Rules Writer, Games Workshop, Nottingham

James was one third of Games Workshop's core game design team, writing rules to complement the ever-expanding range of Citadel Miniatures. During his time with the team, he developed a number of Codexes, Army Books, Battletomes and other supplements for the company's core game systems, and was involved in the development of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. He also designed three standalone boxed games: The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and Gorechosen.

Community Manager, Mantic GAmes, Nottingham

For the best part of a year, James was the public face of Mantic Games, attending events, appearing on podcasts and YouTube channels and maintaining the company's social media pages and homepage blog. He also worked as a writer and editor on a number of Mantic publications, wrote marketing copy for the company's online store and helped run a number of Kickstarter campaigns. 

Freelance Game DEsigner

James' first foray into professional games design was with DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game, on which he was the supporting developer. As well as collaborating with the lead designer to deliver the core game, he worked with Mantic to develop the IP and promote the game through various channels. 

Sophie's Recent Experience


Sophie worked with a huge variety of licensees working with Games Workshop. Supporting them through the product development and promotion, Sophie working with a huge range of different licensees, including (but not limited to); app games, computer and consoles games, novels and comics. 

Sophie was the nexus of organisation for Games Workshop's art department. Managing both the internal team and freelancer's schedules, she made sure the art was done on time, to brief and to an awesome standard. Also known as a professional cat herder, she coordinated over 100 artists across multiple projects at once. 



Most of what we've worked on as Needy Cat Games is still under wraps, but we've been involved in plenty of things we can talk about! Click an image to read more.