roadies rule

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"Kill the house lights. Cue the intro tape. Where's the sacrificial goat buggered off to?"

Brothers and Sisters of the Road, welcome to the show!

Roadies Rule is a cooperative card/board game of heavy metal mayhem for 1-4 players from those grizzled road dogs, Mark Gibbons and James Hewitt. In it, each player assumes the role of a legendary roadie tasked with keeping the equally legendary (although horribly dysfunctional) metal band, Hell Horn, on stage and upright for the duration of an apocalyptic farewell show.

As if controlling the band themselves wasn't challenge enough, there's a mosh pit of frothing fans and a backstage bursting with crazed groupies, dangerous drug dealers and the singer's mum (actually, that's all just the one individual) to deal with too.

With nothing but their wits (and a limited supply of gaffer tape) keeping the chaos at bay, can the players work together and make it to the encore?

Horns up, roadies, it's time to rock!