Our Services

Whether you want us to design a game for you, help you polish a game you’ve designed yourself or just help you find your feet in the tabletop games industry, we offer a range of services to help you achieve your goals.

We offer discounted rates for startups and new businesses. Get in touch to find out more!

A very early test-build for an unnamed project!

A very early test-build for an unnamed project!

Bespoke Game Design

Have you got an idea for a board game, but lack the the time or know-how to make it yourself?

Do you produce a range of tabletop miniatures that needs an accompanying set of rules?

Are you a license holder who wants to bring your brand to the tabletop?

If so, we can help.

Working with you to create a strong brief, we’ll keep you informed through all stages of design, from first prototype to final handover. You'll always have the freedom to say what you think and have your voice heard - we pride ourselves on taking feedback and working collaboratively. 

If you'd like to know more about how we design games, our process is explained here

The fee for a game design project varies, but is agreed in the first stages of the project. 


A lot of people are great at designing games, but could use a helping hand with writing clear rules. With this service we’ll read through your rules in detail, write up our notes and deliver them to face-by-face or via email.

A rules review can highlight a number of issues, including: 

  • Ambiguities and omissions

  • Overly complex language

  • Poor flow of information

  • Inconsistency of wording

  • Obvious gameplay issues

We can also organise playtest sessions with our trusted Needy Cat playtesters, after which we’ll collate their feedback and present it to you as a clearly worded document.

Rules review and playtesting is charged on a case by case basis, based on a preliminary look at your rules documents.

Don’t worry, the notes we send you look a lot neater.

Don’t worry, the notes we send you look a lot neater.

Sophie is a highly experienced business coach, as can be seen by her skilful use of post-it notes and a whiteboard.

Sophie is a highly experienced business coach, as can be seen by her skilful use of post-it notes and a whiteboard.


We've got a wealth of experience and contacts in the tabletop games industry, and we love sharing this with other business owners. If you've got a small games company, we can help you with: 

  • Planning, both long-term and day-to-day

  • Administrative rescue (getting out from under piles of paperwork!)

  • Figuring out your next steps

  • Coordinating workflow

  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring

We can also help you find your feet if you’re just getting started, or point you towards people who will be able to give you more specialised support.

This service is charged at an hourly rate, but we also offer an introductory £30 "coffee and cake" session where we can identify issues and help you work out what your needs are.

workshops and training sessions

“Lessons from Analog Game Design”, a course we ran at Failbetter Games in London

“Lessons from Analog Game Design”, a course we ran at Failbetter Games in London

Before we were game designers, we both spent several developing staff through presentations, workshops and practical exercises. We’ve recently started putting this to use as a service offered by Needy Cat to clients from several different industries. We can cover topics such as:

  • Applying tabletop game design principles in other creative fields

  • Recognising and overcoming design constraints

  • Making trade shows and events more profitable

  • Managing staff and freelancers

Seminars and workshops are written specifically around the client’s needs, and we can provide a quote upon request.

Kickstarter consultancy

Did you know that 63.16%(1) of Kickstarter projects are unsuccessfully funded?

Whilst crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter are an amazing tool for you to fund the production of your game, potentially exposing it to thousands of gamers around the world, a successful campaign takes time and careful planning to get right - it’s never simply a case of ‘fire and forget’. With that in mind, we can help you by reviewing your Kickstarter plans and providing a detailed audit of your campaign!

Here’s how it works:

  • In partnership with Lyte Factory’s Chris Palmer-Tabor, we’ll provide you with a template to complete, outlining your campaign. This includes details like your funding goal, stretch goals and pledge levels, through to your marketing communications plans, community management and video.

  • Chris will review your plans, providing comments, analysis and ultimately a set of recommendations that you can use to improve your campaign and boost your chances of success.

Chris has worked in the industry for 10 years and has organised at least 13 different Kickstarter projects, raising over $5m from more than 20,000 backers around the world. His projects include The Walking Dead, Deadzone and Dungeon Saga from Mantic Games, River Horse’s Pacific Rim and Room 17’s Museum Rush.

“My first Kickstarter projects were a real learning experience, and over the course of several years I refined my process for building campaigns that routinely exceeded their funding goal. I’d love to help you do the same with your game.”

  1. Statista: https://www.statista.com/statistics/235405/kickstarter-project-funding-success-rate/