Necromunda: Underhive (2017)

Necromunda Product Shot.jpg

Games Workshop, 2018

James' final big piece of work with Games Workshop's Specialist Brands team, Necromunda was a passion project from the start. With a complex brief, a desire to update this classic skirmish game for a modern audience and a tight deadline, this was one of the most challenging things he worked on. However, the end result is hopefully testament to all the hard work that went into it (especially from the playtesters and the rest of the production team!).  

This game was produced by Games Workshop during James' time as a writer / designer there. He was one cog in an impressive machine, sharing the workload with an incredibly talented group of artists, designers, writers, managers and many more. It is only included here as part of his portfolio; he does not own the game or any intellectual property relating to it, and any images of the game on this site are property of Games Workshop.