Course 1: Starting Your Game (21st September 2019)

Course 1: Starting Your Game (21st September 2019)


PLEASE NOTE! The date of this course has changed from 14th September 2019 to 21st September 2019.

Have you ever wanted to design your own tabletop game? Got a great idea for a game, but haven’t got a clue how to go about making one? Have you designed their first game, but can’t figure out why it isn’t working like you want it to? Join us for our Introduction to Game Design Courses and we’ll help you find your way!

This ticket grants you access to a full day with Sophie Williams and James M. Hewitt, (award-nominated!) tabletop game designers from Needy Cat Games. They’re the brains behind bestselling tabletop games such as Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace, Hellboy: The Board Game, Blitz Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus and many more!

This is the first of three courses designed to give you an insight into our design process and help you achieve your own game design goals. Each one is limited to twelve places, so you’ll have plenty of time to engage with us directly and ask us any questions you have.

If you’d like to see a preview of our courses, follow this link to our YouTube channel for a snippet of Course 1:

This course will feature:

  • A morning of game design theory, presented in a fun, informative and interactive fashion.

  • A slap-up lunch, as well as hot and cold drinks, biscuits and snacks throughout the day.

  • An afternoon of practical exercises and one-to-one coaching.

  • A take-home game design pack themed around that day’s course, featuring things like blank components, templates, printouts, reading lists and other freebies.

What We’ll Cover

Course 1 is all about getting game ideas out of your head and onto the tabletop. Over the course of the day we’ll help you break through the barriers that are holding you back, and focus on the important parts: getting your game playable as quickly as possible! We’ll cover subjects such as:

  • How to discover and refine board game ideas.

  • The importance of research.

  • Early-stage prototyping and testing.

  • Common pitfalls to avoid.

During the day we will help you come up with an interesting concept for a game and create a “test build”, which you will then develop as the day goes on. We’ll provide everything you need.

Event Details

This event will take place on Saturday 21st September 2019, from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

All of our courses will be taking place at MinorOak Coworking, a lovely open environment with lots of light and plenty of space for everyone to spread out.

Minor Oak is based in Sneinton Market, which is a ten minute walk from Nottingham city centre. It’s close to a number of excellent bars, restaurants and hotels, so if you’d like to stay overnight you’ll have plenty to do!

For venue details including how to get there and parking, check out their website.

Attendees must be 18+.


Here are some quotes from people who attended our first “Starting Your Game” course in May 2019:

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect but you made it really fun and engaging. I came away buzzing with ideas and plans for games. You’ve really helped crystallise a process in my head and one of the ideas I’ve had floating around is going to have some work put into it now.”

“Picked up some amazing advice and met some fantastic people. Even somehow managed to design a somewhat playable game about coffee in a day?!”

“It was a great afternoon and I got a lot of useful ideas for how to structure my game designing out of it!”

“Walked away with the confidence and knowledge to build low cost prototypes and how to get the most out of early play tests.”

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