ART FOR TABLETOP GAMES PART 1: Always seek feedback

Needy Cat Games recently attended the industry week for Confetti - a local, Nottingham based college who specialises in all thing digital, games design, game art etc. We had a fantastic time, got some great feedback on our latest game Ancient Grudges: Bonefields (you can download and give feedback on the Beta rules here) and I gave a series of talks on freelancing as an artist in the tabletop games industry.

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Two Big Steps

Yep, Needy Cat Games is going official. We're at the point where the spare room's getting a bit impractical - I've got several prototypes on the go at once, and I'm running out of room to store them! I spent a couple of weeks exploring various options around Nottingham, from large corporate business centres (too expensive and impersonal!) to desks in converted warehouses full of artists (too shabby and not secure enough!), and ended up throwing in the towel...

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Thoughts on Game Design: Colour Blindness

My grandad was colour blind, and when I was little there was always a worry that it would be passed down to me. I was lucky, but my cousin inherited it, and according to a quick google it's as prevalent as one in every twelve men in the world (and one in two hundred women). In other words, it's surprisingly common! And yet, it's something that the board games world is only just starting to take into consideration.

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Oo-er, this is actually happening, isn't it?

Needy Cat HQ is taking shape, which is encouraging. I've got a desk, a computer, a chair; I've ordered a new keyboard and I'm planning on getting some better bookshelves. I'm slowly shifting unnecessary things out of the office (read: spare room). I've ordered a wall planner. In the following weeks I'm even going to be investigating office space away from home (that seems like a good idea, from a general sanity point-of-view), but that's a secondary concern. I've actually already got a deadline or two for next week, so I'm going to be hitting the ground running! 

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James Hewitt
It begins...

In ten days' time, I will be leaving the office for the last time in my current job. I will be stepping out into the wide world, metaphorical knapsack on my back, taking my first breath of free air. Everything I've written up to now has been on someone's orders. I've always had to march to a drum beat. 

And for a while, that's still going to be the case! 

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